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Yes! A blog post!

Well how could we not, with this exciting news??

After much designing, discussing, prototyping and testing, our newest product range is now officially launching into the world!

Pod Stem Vases - Set of three

We are delighted to introduce The Pod Australian Hardwood Stem Vase collection. Now available. In three sizes!!!

Pod Australian Hardwood Stem Vases - Set of three

Lovingly handcrafted by us from sustainably sourced local...

A very special review!

Manual Arts DEpt.
Good day!
We must say a heartfelt "thank you" to all those whom have left such kind product reviews.  They really do make our day!!
A particularly special one we must share here is in response to a product that we no longer offer, but were utterly proud to have created.  And for this lovely customer, we created two!
Please enjoy Diane's super sweet review below:

New Year, New Product!


Somehow it got to be 2019, how about that!!

Yes, it's been a while since we've posted here but our motto is "quality over quantity". (Questionable, but we're sticking to it!).

Whilst 2018 at Manual Arts DEpt. HQ yielded improved stock storage solutions and upgrades in workshop machinery (yay!), we're ringing in 2019 with a new product to add to our range.

Personalised Planku Australian Hardwood Serving Board by Manual Arts DEpt.Read the article →

As seen on Instagram.....

You may or may not have noticed that our blog entries have been a little "sparse" this year.

Many apologies for that!

And to further illustrate our lack of efforts in this department, please accept this final offering for the year (as posted in Instagram).  #killingtwobirdswithonestone #effectivetimemanagement #lazy

Manual Arts DEpt. Australian designer / makers

2017. So you're almost over (already). You threw us a couple of curve balls, some hard lessons and a few more grey hairs. But we sure did finish...

Gumleaf 2.0

Personalised Large Gumleaf Australian Hardwood Serving Board
After many-a-time spent discussing it (yes, we often like to discuss things at length), we finally made the decision to design a larger version of our beloved Gumleaf Serving Board.
Gumleaf Serving Boards
Crafted from the same beautiful Spotted Gum hardwood and sculpted with the same love and attention as all of our products, this larger board sports the distinctive slender leaf design but with greater nibbley-holding capacity...