Hidden messages (Part 2).....

As an alternative to our Text Message Personalised Keepsake, we were interested in creating another meaningful memento onto which a message could be conveyed.  We arrived at an arrow as being not only striking in a design sense, but also as symbolic of so many poignant things in life - with "love" being top of the list!  Next, was how to engrave the message in a stylised and original way so as to add to the object's overall aesthetic appeal.
And so it was decided that the message would be inscribed in Morse Code, thereby being known only to the intended recipient (by means of a "code translator scroll" concealed within the arrow).
We would like to think of The Encoded Arrow as not only a symbolic and meaningful gift, but an ornamental design object, as well as a cherished experience.  An experience involving the gift-giver and recipient as participants in the creating and unlocking of these very personal and thoughtful messages of love.

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