Extra Extra! Read All About It!

Hello and welcome to a rare event on manualartsdept.com.

Yes! A blog post!

Well how could we not, with this exciting news??

After much designing, discussing, prototyping and testing, our newest product range is now officially launching into the world!

Pod Stem Vases - Set of three

We are delighted to introduce The Pod Australian Hardwood Stem Vase collection. Now available. In three sizes!!!

Pod Australian Hardwood Stem Vases - Set of three

Lovingly handcrafted by us from sustainably sourced local hardwood, these beauties are sculptural, substantial, so, so tactile and - we love them!!!

Organic, minimalistic, and celebrating the lovely timber-grain tones of this beautiful hardwood, these interior design objects will surely enhance your space with their blend of modern, clean design and natural simplicity.

If you’d like to know more, have a little look at our product pages for all the details.

Thank you for visiting, and for now, we shall bid you a good day!



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